Supply and Installation of Sewage Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Supply and Installation Mornington PeninsulaLodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems provide professional, prompt supply and installation of the best quality, enviro-friendly domestic septic tanks and septic tank system upgrades for sewage treatment in Mornington Peninsula.

Whether a single tank or as part of a more modern sewage treatment installation such as the Super-Treat system, your septic tank as the guts of your sewage treatment system, is of prime importance in processing the daily wastewater from your bath, toilet, and sinks. 


If you need a new septic tank or are looking to upgrade, professional knowledge and skill is imperative. Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems septic tanks are modern, clean and expertly installed and with regular maintenance, will last for years. Where you may have a single septic tank, although still serviceable, these are fairly obsolete now with their better two tank aerated versions on the market. In evaluating new septic tanks, consider the Super-Treat sewage treatment system - a dual tank system that is efficient, economical and better for the future. Free quotes are available and our complete service includes taking care of all the Council Permits and paperwork required. You will have a system that you know you can trust to keep working reliably, delivered within your budget and time-frame.

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