Council Permit Application

Sewage System council Permit Mornington PeninsulaProvided at no charge with your installation sale, Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems will organise your Septic Tank Council Permit required for installing sewage treatment systems and septic tanks on your Mornington Peninsula property.

Before we can install your sewage treatment or septic tank system in Mornington Peninsula, a Permit to Install must be obtained from the Shire. To save you time and money and make the process easier, as part of our installation service, we organise this for you at no charge with your installation.


Usually taking around 2 hours of on-site time, we request a full payment upfront before starting. The process to obtain your Permit to Install is basically as follows:

  1. A site plan is drawn up and details regarding tank/s, irrigation, size and type are documented
  2. An application for a Permit to Install a Septic Tank on your property is submitted to Council
  3. Council approval numbers, a Commissioning Report and Certificate of Compliance for plumbing are applied for and processed
  4. An Environmental Health Officer form the Shire will visit your site and assess the permit application
  5. Upon approval by the Officer, a Permit to Install is issued to you.

Lodeveld Sewage Treatment Systems can then install your sewage treatment or septic tank system on your property.

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